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I have 45 with Phil and Karen were married 5 years ago I enjoyed my first black cock. Since then I enjoy it more, but decided about 2 years to fulfill my fantasy into a real bitch black cock submissive. Ideally I wanted a boy so I could play at any time, not that I do not fuck with married men, but I like both. I usporn Jez usporn an interracial site chat room. It sounded ideal, divorced, 55, local, and experienced full time Dom seeking submissive slut black cock. We chatted usporn for a long time, I think he did was real, to convince, I went in front of the camera and exchanged phone numbers. He was anxious, I understood the true nature of a submarine and he expects the total cost of ownership and control for me, wow that was so I could not wait to meet you again. Our first meeting was at a bar in town, Phil met new Jez and I was as excited as me. I dressed like a slut as I could, with Jez said he hoped the stockings, hellogh heels and a comfortable low-cut dress. I felt more nervous in the bar that I ever thought possible to know how hard that I saw and felt, but very excited. Jez was because I knew him from our chat in front of the camera and the truth is that it looks even sexier in the flesh. I liked his smile, and he hurried to me what I thought was extra sexy. We found a quiet place with a drink and chatting about everyday things, before the point. I said I wanted to explore my submissive side and a real bitch black cock. He knew of my past, and talked about his past experience as a cathedral and what is expected of me. It was open and honest and gave me the opportunity to turn back, but usporn this time I wanted more than ever. usporn We left behind the bar in a taxi to his seat in the back, told me to suck his cock and let him go, although flaccid was impressive, but nothing that seemed quite hard as I suddenly realized. Kneeling on the floor of thecockpit cock and I took him in the mouth, was fully aware that the taxi driver to see what I did, but to be honest I did not care all that I wanted to do was ask Jez. I did my best, Jez eager to please as much as I could into my mouth as my lips slid up and down its length. I really wanted to cum and fill my mouth, but his usporn control was amazing, and I just fucking with great content queue until we reached his house. The driver smiled when I told him everything that the fare paid. at the home of Jez took me straight to the bedroom and sat on the bed. Jez said: ' The text of his coward of a man and say that I condemn the rest of the night. ' I did what I said. His attitude was different now and the dominant control was so wet that almost an orgasm without touching myself. Jez then ordered me to pull my socks, and stood before him. 'Education begins here, bitch, from now on will deal with me, Lord,' I replied, as ordEred usporn 'Yes Sir'. I was told to kneel on the bed and Jez belts used in my arms and legs to attach the corner posts. When I could not move, I was willing to help me put under the pillow to elevate my big ass in the air. I usporn can honestly say I've never been so excited, never had this amazing gift of myself fully to my new master. Finally, I gagged with a ball gag...... To be continued.............
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